Advising on Medical Practice

Together with the medical community, we try to find where the best results can be obtained in terms of patient outcomes and quality of life. We collaborate to design the ideal patient pathway, taking the total context of the Patient into account. We reach out to Patients to understand their needs and share their collective intelligence with the medical stakeholders. Thanks to this, we can develop common service standards to allow for contractual agreements with hospitals and clinics to help them treat their patients.

Our Medical Practice Advisory Projects

Collaboration with Medical Societies: ESMO, ESSO, UEG.

We work to make the patient voice a respected one among specialists

Precision Medicine Working Group

This project is working on exploring the possibilities of precision medicine in digestive cancers.

Patient Reported Outcomes Measures

With this project DiCE works to ensure the patient voice is well represented in clinical trials.

Shared Decision-Making Models

Here we are working on ways to ensure the patient is aware of their choices and has a say in their treatment plans.

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