Survey on the Unmet Needs of Patients Living with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (mCRC)

A DiCE Medical Practice Advisory Project

About the mCRC Survey and its Results

In order to understand challenges and needs of those living with mCRC and their health-related quality of life (HRQoL), in 2016, DiCE (at that time EuropaColon), together with HCPs and Member groups, commissioned a survey across Europe.

The original questionnaire, which was developed together with the Expert Patient Advisory Group, was translated into 10 languages. Over the period of 18 months, 883 patients completed the survey. Over a period of 18 months, 883 patients completed the survey.

Digestive Cancers Europe has published the following on the survey results:

eastern european perspective
mCRC Survey
mcrc survey abstracts and posters cover

Key Findings and their Impact

The survey results show several areas for improvement within the patient journey – from pre-diagnosis to screening practices, in the diagnostic and post-diagnosis and treatment phases. This includes agreement that psychological support is largely inadequate. It also demonstrates the similarities and differences of the patient experience across the continent.

Digestive Cancers Europe is using these results to ensure the key conclusions have an impact and invoke change in the needed improvement areas including:

  • Increased awareness on CRC, particularly symptoms
  • Establishing best screening practices across Europe
  • Better information provision on disease origin, stages and progression
  • Simpler, easier-to-understand information on treatment and side-effects
  • Making patients’ psychological/emotional wellbeing a healthcare priority
  • Guiding patients in the decision-making process and facilitating healthcare professional (HCP)-patient communication

A word of thanks

This work has been made possible thanks to the insight and continuous support of EuropaColon’s Expert Patient Advisory Group (EPAG), all anonymous patients who took part in the survey, the healthcare teams and patient advocacy organisations across Europe that helped us recruit patients and our sponsors.

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