Advocating for Access to the Best Technology

We want to make sure that the best possible technology is available to patients in Europe. We inform, educate and advocate for earlier access and the use of the best technologies at fair prices.

Our Access to the Best Technology Projects


Medicines for Digestive Cancers Database

This project is working on an overview of all drugs, in development and on the market, for digestive cancers.

Digital Network of Digestive Cancer Patients

Here DiCE is setting up a digital network to connect digestive cancer patients across the EU and help them be in control of their own personal health data.

Information on the Different Types of Diagnostic and Functional Tests

This information gathering and sharing exercise is looking to gather an overview for patients on this topic.

Collaborations to Improve the Availability of Medical and Outcomes Data

Groups we work with include EFPIA, All.Can and other organisations.

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