Building National Member Capacity

The voice of digestive cancer Patients and their Carers should be heard in every European country with the same power and professionalism. We work with our national Members to increase their local membership numbers and to share best practices with other Members. We also work at setting up new organisations in underserved geographies.

We also want to make sure that the voice of digestive cancer Patients is represented in all decision-making bodies. No decision about us, without us.

Our Capacity Building Projects


Our annual Masterclass is an annual educational and best practice sharing event for all Members.

Workshops & Training

We work to build our Members’ abilities to support patients with specialised educational events.

National Membership Expansion Drives

Helping Members to attract patients to their local organisations is one of our continuous projects.

National Association Set Up

If countries or regions are lacking in patient representation, we look to set up new associations.

Collaborations with Pan-EU Patient Organisations

Working together makes us stronger. Some examples of groups we work with: EPF, ECPC, WECAN, All.Can, ECCO

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