Wolfram Nolte Memorial Award

A DiCE Campaigning and Education Project

About Wolfram Nolte Memorial Award

The late Wolfram Nolte was the former leader of the DiCE member organisation in Germany. He was an exceptional man who fought metastatic colorectal cancer for 10 years and devoted that time to actively engage in patient support which helped him considerably to cope with his cancer diagnosis and living with cancer.

In order to commemorate his work, as of 2019, DiCE decided to organise an annual competition to award a project submitted by one of the national full member organisations. The projects have to be new, innovative, meaningful and aiming to improve the situation for CRC patients and/or carers; ideally to be scaleable and exportable to other countries.

Full member groups should submit projects by the 1st of October for the independent jury panel to decide the winning project which is to be announced around the 1st of December.



The first winner was EuropaColon Polska with the project aiming to improve the quality of life for a specific group of mCRC patients that have functional urological complications after the surgery, issue that was raised by Mr. Wolfram Nolte himself. The project will be executed throughout 2020 with the full report to be produced at the beginning of 2021.

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