Our research mission is to ensure that the patient’s voice is heard and acted upon in digestive cancer-related research, and this through decision making processes and all project cycles. We also work to share knowledge and outcomes with key stakeholders to save lives and make a positive difference to people’s lives in general.

DiCE is a research partner with unique patient perspectives. We are looking for collaborations that can bear high-quality outcomes.
Our expansive Member community gives a diverse range of patient voices from across the EU.
Our team encompasses the scientific rigor, knowledge and expertise to set up, apply for funding, lead and play an active part in research projects and consortia.

We invite all those interested to contact us. We’ll be very happy to discuss the difference that the patient voice can make on your research outcomes. And this is from the very beginning right through to the end of your project.

Current Research – Survey on the Unmet Needs of Patients Living with Oesophageal or Gastric Cancer

We are currenlty conducting an in-depth survey of oesophageal and gastric cancer patients. Both cause strong difficulties to EU citizens particularly as prevalence of these cancers increase.
In our initial research we found very little information about and even less support for people living with these cancers and their carers. Therefore, as a starting point we are conducting this survey in order to best serve these people.


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About our research and possible collaborations, we would very much appreciate hearing from you.