Screening for Colorectal Cancer

Regular screening will discover polyps before they start developing colorectal cancer

Screening: Benefits and Limitations

Screening for Colorectal Cancer Has Benefits!

  • It can help detect colorectal cancer at its earliest stage, when there is a 90% (9 in 10) chance of curing it.
  • It can prevent some colorectal cancers from developing.
  • By participating in colorectal cancer screening mortality is reduced by 24%.

Screening for Colorectal Cancer Has Limitations!

  • No screening test is 100% accurate.
  • Be aware – you should always go to see your doctor if you have any suspicious symptoms, even if you had a negative screening result.
  • Screening is only recommended for people who are not experiencing symptoms that may indicate colorectal cancer. If you are experiencing symptoms such as blood in your stool, unexplained abdominal pain, change in bowel habits or weight loss, talk to your doctor about a referral for diagnostic testing to determine the cause of these symptoms.
  • Sometimes test results suggest you have cancer, an adenoma or a polyp even though it proves not to be the case. In these circumstances you will be advised to have a follow up colonoscopy. It is very important that you attend the appointment as it could save your life!

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